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California Mortgage Loan Options

California Mortgage Loan OptionsIt has been difficult to keep tabs on the mortgage loan California market. The past few years have witnessed great fluctuations in interest rates and home prices. However, with the long-term trend being one of steady appreciation, few people are dissuaded from the dream of home ownership in the Golden State.

A mortgage loan in California can open up many doors for a current or prospective homeowner. An interest (more…)

Home Equity Loans – Free Home Equity Quotes

Home Equity Loans - Free Home Equity QuotesWhen thinking about getting a home equity loan, most homeowners contact their current lender and acquire a quote. Even though current lenders may offer a good rate, homeowners will benefit from shopping around. Getting quotes for a home equity loan is easy, and free. The problem is that many people are unwilling to research different lenders.

Purpose of an Equity Loan

Different (more…)

Buying a Home With Poor Credit Is Easier Than Ever

Buying a Home With Poor Credit Is Easier Than EverBuying a home with poor credit is easier than ever with online mortgage brokers. You can easily find sub prime lenders, compare rates and terms, and complete the process on your schedule, not the banks.

Online Sub Prime Lenders

Sub prime lenders have moved online to offer their services nationwide. They finance mortgages for people with bad credit due to late payments, bankruptcy, (more…)

California Home Loan Company – Applying for a Mortgage Loan Online

California Home Loan Company - Applying for a Mortgage Loan OnlineApplying for a mortgage loan online saves you both time and money, especially if you live in California. With mortgage lenders competing for your business, you are more likely to find reasonable rates. Lenders, approved by the California Housing Finance Agency, can also provide access to government programs to help you buy a home.

Looking Online For Your Local Lender

One of the many benefits (more…)

Mortgage Escrow – To Do Or Not To Do

Mortgage Escrow - To Do Or Not To DoFirst, let me answer the 2 basic questions about Mortgage Escrow.

What is an escrow?

An escrow is when you include your taxes and insurance with your monthly mortgage payment.

How does Escrow work?

1. Buyer, seller and the Escrow Agent sign the escrow agreement.

2. Buyer deposits money and/or documents in escrow.

3. The Escrow (more…)

What You Need To Know About Getting A Mortgage Rate Quote

What You Need To Know About Getting A Mortgage Rate QuoteBecause today’s economy needs as much help as possible, interest rates have been lowered to the lowest point in decades meaning home financing is more attractive than ever. TV and magazine ads abound for companies offering interest rates that could literally save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan, even lowering your monthly mortgage payments to a level that gives (more…)

Bad Credit Home Mortgage Refinance Loan Options

Bad Credit Home Mortgage Refinance Loan OptionsIf you are thinking about a home mortgage refinance loan, there are several things to consider. For example, some people may have less than perfect credit, and think that refinancing is not an option. However, you can find lenders that will help you with the refinancing procedure, even if you have bad credit.

Local Options

When you visit your local bank, (more…)

Mortgages – A Home Loan Modification Should Mean a Lower Payment

Mortgages - A Home Loan Modification Should Mean a Lower PaymentIf you were offered this type of deal, then it appears that the lender has simply added onto your mortgage payments that you originally owed, re-amortized your loan payments and restructured your loan. Although it is technically a loan modification, it is not the objective or desired outcome most people are seeking.

The Better Option A much better way to structure this would be to simply (more…)

Important Phrases About Loan Modification

Important Phrases About Loan ModificationMost owners are generally familiar with the most basic mortgage terms. Words such as depreciation and mortgage, the APR and the refinancing programs are fairly well known. When you send a number of terms associated with loan modification, most people are not so well informed. This is one of the main reasons for the change in long-term loan is so confusing to many homes, who are looking for a lawyer (more…)

Home Loan Refinancing – What Lenders Don’t Want You To Know

Home Loan Refinancing - What Lenders Don't Want You To KnowRefinancing lenders seems to hold all the cards. They have the money and their own system for determining which type of credit you can qualify for. What lenders don’t want you to know is that you can improve your credit rating in a matter of days.

Good Credit Factors

Good credit does not mean perfect credit. People assume a 30 day late payment means poor credit. Not true. You can still have good (more…)

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